It's kind of hard to believe these eaglets grow up to be such majestic birds. Catch our baby eaglets live in action with their mom by clicking on the link!

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Watch Live: Eaglet eggs ready to hatch in southwest Florida -

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Southwest Florida's most beloved pair of bald eagles is expecting, and the births — expected between Christmas and New Year's Day — can be watched live on camera.

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BALD EAGLES are most widespread during winter, where they can be found along coasts, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in many states. (yes, we see them all the time along our Mississippi River leg here in Minnesota....but ALWAYS a special blessing to see one....and they 'bless' the ones they fly over as the Native American spirituality classes them among the 'priests' of their species....

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DC Eagle Cam: Bald Eagles nesting in Washington D.C. have hatched 2 eaglets. Keep watching for the live feed.

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Bald eagles, Katmai, Alaska photo credit: John Hunter Hiding on a nearby cliff pays off with this a touching snapshot of a mother, feeding their chicks.

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Watching these beautiful eagles at Bear Trace golf course on the Tennessee River. They have laid 2 eggs and are sitting on the nest. God's beautiful creation.

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