ballerina body workout (in a get toned and awesome way, not a starve yourself til you're crazy skinny way)

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Ballet is a great workout for long, lean muscles. Here's what you should know before starting ballet as an adult

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Ballerina Butt Buster How to do it: Start on all fours, making sure that you have plenty of cushion beneath your knees. Bring one knee into your chest and then extend the leg straight back into arabesque, keeping the knee very straight. Pull in through your stomach and lift your leg high toward the ceiling. Repeat 30 times, and then change legs.

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speech 1 Learn if cardio ballet helps you tone & lose weight. Some believe that Pure Barre full body & thigh exercises practiced by ballerinas can help you get in shape with gym or home workouts. leanwifeworkout winnowworkout leanwifecardio

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The five best moves to get the long and lean lower body of a ballerina, according to a ballerina.

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