Out of the Notebook and into the blog: 10 Tips for your first Adult Ballet Class (if I ever want to do it for fun)

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Gorgeous shot of a dance lesson at a studio. "the Bolshoi Ballet, 1958, photographed by Cornell Capa (brother of the famous photographer Robert Capa)."

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Before Audrey Hepburn was famous, she was a classically trained ballerina. In fact, when she decided that she want to be in movies, no director wanted to hire her because she would disappear on film. That is, until Roman Holiday when she won her first Oscar!

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ballet figures (good for beginner classes/visualization) um I don't think I'll ever need this but I still thought it was cool :)

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ballet class in Russia during the war. Oh my goodness I just love this picture. No matter what happens, dancers have to dance.

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