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Growing Your Own Banana Tree or Banana Plant

Banana plants prefer a light, well-draining soil. To aid in drainage quality add raised areas above heavier soil to allow thin roots of banana tree to spread. Choose warmest location on your property for they need full sun; twelve hours a day is optimal. If you live in a temperate climate, your banana plants will also need protection from wind and cold. To keep growing banana plants throughout the year choose cold tolerant varieties of banana trees such as Musa Basjoo

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Banana Tree Care – Information On Hardy Banana Tree Growing


Making banana tea is a great natural fertilizer for any plants. Simply soak the banana peels in filtered water for 3 days to a week, then pour the liquid around your plants and afterwards throw the peels in your compost bin!

This is the best site for buying a banana plant (or a few other tropicals). Ted is awesome and has been wonderful getting me set up!

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Growing Banana Trees in Pots

Learn how to grow world's most consumed fruit in container. Get a healthy and prolific banana plant by following simple steps.


Dwarf Banana plant, grows inside because it only gets 4 feet tall, starts producing fruit after 1 year, 3-6in fruit, year round grow, very aestetically pleasing also.