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Not all of them, it stops at The Pink Shoes, but after that its Mariposa, Catania, Barbie, Lumina, Alexa, Kara, Courtney, Erika, Barbie, Barbie


My sister and I played "Barbie in the air", a delightful game where we would throw out barbies as hard as we could into a tree and then beat them out with a 10' bamboo pole. Then we'd laugh and laugh at the weird positions they landed in. (previous pinner) I always did murder mysteries, and whenever the murderer was revealed I would put her in "jail" (which was the freezer).


Barbie Confessions: I remember watching the earliest Barbie movies when I was little but my sister and I have re-watched "The Princess and the Pauper" over and over again. The bloopers at the end make me crack up