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The Flash 3x04 - Caitlin Snow - Killer Frost - Caitlin is beginning to physically transform into Killer Frost by her hair turning white and her lips turning blue like her doppelganger in Earth 2


((I'm Alaska? be Luka. his p.o.v)) I shake my head and tears run down my cheeks. I'd never cried in front of her and she's never heard me cry. Right now, I was on the verge of a breakdown. She sniffled softly. "Please Luka....come home." A tear ran down my cheek. My voice cracked as I spoke. "I can't Alaska. I can't...." I covered my mouth as I closed my eyes, trying to get to the real reason why I called. "Alaska, I called to-" My voice caught. "To break up with you." The line went sile...


Genie Lip Paint

Genie lip paint is green, but magically turns your pout an ultra-long lasting personal shade of pink. It does this by adapting to the Alkaline in your lips. In other words, every person is different and every look is unique! Genie lasts for eight hours too so you can achieve an all-day custom kiss that's all your own. (Genie is an improved formulation of Barry M's popular Touch of Magic lip paint).