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18 Jokes Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Find Funny

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Oh. My. God. Mind... Blown. It's like David Tennant HAD to be Barty Crouch Jr. just so the Doctor Who reference would work here....

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Barty Crouch Jr. = David Tennant. TOTALLY FANGIRLED. Harry Potter + Doctor Who.

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David Tennant, mixture of rolls: the10th Doctor and Barty Crouch Jr. They both have bigger-on-the-inside technology, after all.

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The truth about Death Eaters…

Hello my name is Ian I'm a art kid that goes to Kendall of Art and Design, Photography is my life and you got to explore it to see where it takes you. i love larges sweeters to wear all the time and getting to know people even though I'm shy at first!...

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What's sad is I already knew this. There are sooo many Harry Potter references I think partly as a joke since David Tennant was both the Doctor and Barty Crouch Jr and partly because the writers and fans of the show are all a bunch of geeks :) lol

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