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Vent your basement with this fan. No more stinky, musty basement smell. Great if you have a finished basement or a workshop in your basement.

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The Heliobus Mirror Shaft System is able to bring fresh air and natural light into workspaces and dark basements allowing you to get more out of your space.

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How to Install a Bathroom Vent Fan

How to Install a Bathroom Vent Fan | Step-by-Step | Ventilation | Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical | This Old House - Introduction

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How to Ventilate a Basement

Ventilate your basement...Combustible appliances, solvents and moisture build up in the basement.

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The E-Z Breathe draws the indoor air pollution into the basement then vents it to the outside.

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This little gadget is AMAZING! hook it up to your dryer in the winter and, instead of wasting energy and pushing warm air outside, use the heat from the dryer to heat your home!!

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