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Bashar al assad religion

#Syria Democracy in Syria: Bashar al-Assad joked about religion of most of population, emails show Wounded Rebel Fighters Escape Syria for Treatment ( Syria accepts peace plan but clashes continue ( Toronto filmmaker tries to shed light on Syria's climate of fear (ww...

Christopher Hitchens - "The fervor and single-mindedness of this deification probably have no precedent in...". religion, atheism, mythology, egypt, reincarnation, russia, ancient-rome, rome, china, kim-il-sung, kim-jong-il, north-korea, syria, haiti, babylon, 1942, ancient-egypt, baekdu-mountain, bashar-al-assad, dynasties, francois-duvalier, hafez-al-assad, jean-claude-duvalier, joseph-stalin, khabarovsk, kim-jong-suk, miraculous-births, mount-fuji

Like other totalitarian regimes that have no legitimacy and no base of support, the Saudis are wrapping themselves in religion. Saddam Hussein in the 1990s and currently Bashar al-Assad – the heads of the Baath party in Iraq and Syria – both played the religious card. However, Baathist doctrine in Iraq and Syria is basically irreligious. The Saudis are using religion as their excuse now, labeling the recent mass executions as preserving their religion when they are actually a message to…

With Syrian rebels begging for help, Trump indicates he will abandon them to Russia and Assad

President-elect Donald Trump has reaffirmed his campaign trail position that assisting the Syrian government in fighting Isis should be the US’ main objective in Syria, despite appeals from rebels for continued help in their fight against President Bashar al-Assad.


Documenting Evil: Inside Assad’s Hospitals of Horror

The Man Who Exposed Bashar al-Assad's War Crimes in Syria | Vanity Fair Syrian people asked for freedom from Assad! Assad gave them genocide!


Tunisian women wage 'sex jihad' by having sex with Syrian rebels

Women, girls travel to Syria to commit ‘sex jihad’ by sleeping with multiple Islamist fighters The Tunisian girls and women go to Syria to wage ‘sex jihad’ in order to comfort militants battling Bashar Assad, but end up pregnant. They are ‘swapped’ between as many as 100 rebels, a Tunisian politician says. || Islam, the religion of peace AND moral flexibility...I guess immoral, loose behavior is okay as long as you keep covered in your niqab.


ISIS THREAT LOOMS FOR DAMASCUS - - The greatest crisis for the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad since the civil war started in 2011 is looming now as rebel groups, including ISIS, continue to accumulate territory and could soon approach the capital, Damascus. While the future of the Assad regime draws the world’s attention, several religious teachers are focusing on the city itself, because its destruction is prophesied in Scripture. {Isaiah 17:1}


Report: Assad denied requests to use Chemical weapons - Walid Shoebat, neither the Obama administration nor any leaders who have maintained that Syria’s Bashar al-Assad used Chemical weapons on August 21st has presented any evidence to support their claims. British Prime Minister David Cameron even admitted as much while making his case to Parliament. Conversely, evidence that the attack was levied by the rebels has come in the form of video, images, and on-the-ground reporting.

Syrian government accused of using poison gas in assault

12/15/2015 SYRIA: An official with the US State Department told CBS News: 'If these allegations are confirmed, this would be the latest example of the Assad regime's atrocities against the Syrian people.' Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is pictured above last week


Syrian archaeologist 'killed in Palmyra' by IS militants

Syrian archaeologist killed in Palmyra by IS militants because he refused to reveal the location of key artifacts. He is now hanging, beheaded, from a light post. A sign attached to the body accused him of being an apostate who was in regular communication with and supported the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He was also accused of representing Syria at overseas conferences with "infidels", in addition to being director of Palmyra's "idols". | He was one of the top in his…