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What is the Best Oil Diffuser for Large Room Coverage?


Lush, luxurious and relaxing. And no added calories. Unwind with organic bath bombs that coat your skin with organic butters and oils. So Luscious ...


DIY Bathbombs- basic recipe is one part citric acid 2 pts baking soda. Spritz with water till you can form it into a ball. Some recipes also added one part cornstarch and / or Epsom salts (which worked well for me). Most included a tablespoon or almond or other mild oil per cup of citric acid, as well as dye and fragrance. Fun and easy to make with kids, good gift.

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Essential Oil Glass Roll-On Bottles with Pipettes in a Travel Tin

This "meat ball" tool makes it super easy to make perfectly round BATH BOMBS!! click image for bath bomb recipe and info on where to buy this fantastic tool

Bath Bomb Maker with with 5 Molds. With the automatic Bath Bomb Press, you will be able to increase your productivity and lower your manual costs and of course, reduce your manual labor! You will be able to produce uniform, rock hard bath bombs every time.