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Well at least two of my favs aren't out to kill each other.... *takes Batman and Superman and Ironman and caps head and turns them towards them* y'all can learn something from them. K?

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#Facts Show of hands: Who else? Batman v Superman is a month away ya'll!! --- Also Episode 6 of the podcast is up! This week on Blerd Vision we review the best superhero movie of 2015 that wasn't based on a comicbook: Creed! We also discuss Zoom's badassery on the Flash Oliver's baby-mama drama and the rise of Arrow 2046: Connor Hawke! Be sure to leave a review on our iTunes account to hear your feedback read aloud on the show! Link is in my bio --- #connorhawke #greenarrow #justiceleague…

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Batman and Superman - I just love this. These two are quite honestly my favourite pair of friends. I love them, I love their bond, I love their friendship. Just. They're everything.

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Batman and Superman- I actually laughed out loud at this one!! I love them, together!!

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The weird thing about Batman and Supe's relationship is that Batman is kinda the brooding, protective older brother while Clark is the overly-cheerful, boy-scout younger brother who thinks he's invincible and thus gets himself in a lot of bad situations….

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