Batman Hand painted with acrylics and spray paint. S/N editions of 20, available by Michael Latimer

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Grayish Blue White Floral Duvet Cover

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Batman Birthday Shirt, Im a the crime Fighting Cape Wearing Birthday Boy,Super Hero Birthday, Superhero Onesie, Baby Boy Onesie, Smashcake

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For this painting I took pieces of my four favorite Batman symbols and made them into one logo. In order from left to right, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman (1989 Film), Batman Beyond, and The New 52 Batman. Size 8" x 24" for each piece.

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Digital Art by UniqueLegend

"Because he's the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now... and so we'll hunt him... because he can take it... because he's not a hero... he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector... a Dark Knight..."

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Dark Knight Rises by David Sharp, via Behance. #Batman -- like a reverse bat signal, Gordon knows Batman is out because he scares the bats out of the cave and Gordon sees them against the moon? If not in this story, in another one. Message from Kayley--this is my most Re-Pinned Pin, why in the world does everyone Re-Pin this? Why do you like it? If you're reading this, please comment down below! Thanks!

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