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Please let me rescue a bat Lord,I've saved about eve.rything else,but how I adore bats...

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Bat face! Soooooooooo cute. T- remember our fruit bat friend who was happy to see us? Love bats ever since

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If you still hate bats- how could you not see this precious as a unique help to the cycle of so many thingsl! They help control insects, provide fertilizer, help spread plants' seeds..

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Ok, there is nothing more adorable than a baby bat Check out more #Art & #Designs at:

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Adorable Little Bats

Adorable Little Bats

Adorable Little Bats: Bat Burrito, Cutest Pet, Bats Animal, Cutest Baby Animal, Adorable Baby, Pet Bat, Cutest Animal

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Magazine style infographic all about bats! With digitally drawn illustrations. For

Magazine style infographic all about bats! With digitally drawn illustrations. For

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12 images and facts about misunderstood bats

Long-eared bat - bats have such a bad rap, not to mention they're soo dang cute!!

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Bat. How could you be scared of this little dude...Unless he flew into your long stupid hair.

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Ghost Bat. Bat populations are disappearing. Half the bats in the US are listed as rare, threatened or endangered.

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Luck, happiness, transformation. Bat medicine is often hand in hand with the need for personal transformation; whether that is a need to break old habits or ties or form new ones. The bat is a guide, helping people to understand difficult situations and giving them strength to make necessary changes.

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Rarest Orphan At Bat Clinic Has No Idea He's Any Different

A very rare bat with leucism was just rescued on Australia's Gold Coast.

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Photo (Sublime Spy)

Mother nature's 100% toxin-free, graceful, harmless to humans, beautiful mosquito eliminators. No side harmful side effects.

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