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Battle of Alesia -ANNEE 52 av JC, révolte de Vercingétorix, 4) Fin de la révolte, VERCINGETORIX SE REND A ALESIA, 7: César et ses 10 à 12 légions, soit 60 à 72.000 hommes, décide de mettre le siège autour de l'oppidum d'ALESIA, qui contrôle la route vers la province: le siège d'Alesia débute.

from The Campfire Chronicle by Stargazer Mercantile

General Robert E. Lee and Traveller

Robert E. Lee aboard Traveler

from The Atlantic

World War II: The Battle of Britain

A terrific picture of the crew of a mean looking Heinkel He-111 over the English Channel during the Battle of Britain, between August and September 1940

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This Week's Cover: First Look at 'Outlander' Season 3

En garde, Outlander fans: When the time-traveling series (and recipient of EW’s Poppy Award for Best Drama!) returns for a third season on Starz...

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1898: Portraits of Native Americans from 'Buffalo Bill's Wild West' show

Amos Little, a Sioux Indian from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show taken by photographer Gertrude Kasebier, 1898


The oldest known photograph of the #Alamo in 1849 in San Antonio, Texas. It's a daguerreotype photo. It was taken 13 years after the battle. This photograph is at the University of Texas in Austin in the center of American history../ qw

from Mail Online

On display after 200 years: Rare Royal Navy uniform worn by survivor of Battle of Trafalgar (found in a plastic bag in the attic)

Rare: The blue and cream Navy uniform worn by Trafalgar survivor William Hicks is said to be the only one of its kind in existence

from The Lost Treasure Chest

Legionarios del ejército de César en acción en Galia central, c. 52 a.C.

Battle of Alesia by Angus McBride. Romans outnumbered 4 to 1, defeated the Gauls.


Scene from the movie Vercingétorix (2001) The Battle of Alesia or Siege of Alesia took place in September, 52 BC around the Gallic oppidum of Alesia, a major town centre and hill fort of the Mandubii tribe. It was fought by the army of the Roman Republic commanded by Julius Caesar, aided by cavalry commanders Mark Antony, Titus Labienus a...