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Themistocles (524 - 459 a. C) Athenian politician and general. One of the most important battles of the ancient world was that of Salamis (Medical War II, in 480 a. Of C) and resulted in the destruction by the Greeks of the huge fleet of the Persians. The latter, led by Xerxes, had launched a massive invasion of Greece, Asia Minor through making a huge army raced across the plains of Anatolia, Laodicea, Sardis and Pergamum, intending to cross the Dardanelles to reach the Greeks in the…


Themistocles was the architect of Athens' navy. He convinced the Athenians to build a serious fleet in 483 B.C. when they had a surplus of funds. Their fleet, in turn, helped save Greece when the Persians invaded in 480. Indeed, Greece would almost certainly have been defeated w/o Athens, which means that classical Athens as we know it--the radical democracy, art, philosophy and literature, the buildings of the Acropolis--would not have happened.


Battle of Athens, Dec 1944: British paras & Greek gendarmes battle communist guerrillas in the middle of Athens with the support of a Sherman tank. *Note the gendarme on the left wearing a German helmet.


Battle of Athens, Dec 1944-Jan 1945: British paras patrol on the perimeter of the Athens gas works. Fighting with communist guerrillas attempting to take over Greece was fierce. The British, and the forces of the Greek interim government, finally prevailed thanks to superior firepower and military tactics.


Close-up view of 1st Lt. A.J. Crutchfield of the 20th (Russell's) Tennessee Cavalry. Killed at the Battle of Sulphur Creek Trestle, AL. also known as the Battle of Athens, AL.


The people of Athens, Greece celebrate the liberation of Greece from Nazi German occupation, Oct 1944. Within two months, Athens had been turned into a battlefield as communist guerrillas tried to establish a Soviet-controlled regime and battled British and Greek forces. The battle ended in late Jan 1945. A large part of central Athens was devastated.


The Battle of Halmyros, known by older scholars as the Battle of the Cephissus or Battle of Orchomenos, was fought on 15 March 1311 between the forces of the Frankish Duchy of Athens and its vassals under Walter of Brienne and the mercenaries of the Catalan Company, resulting in a devastating victory for the Catalans. by wraithdt on DeviantArt


Greece Photos

The Acropolis, built in the 5th century B.C. to glorify Greece following its defeat of the Persians at the Battle of Marathon, stands awesome and aloof on its limestone mesa above hectic modern Athens. Its shimmering, white-marble Parthenon (top right) is among the most recognizable structures on Earth.


Depiction of a battle between Athens and Sparta in the Great Peloponnese War, 413 BC.