Pyotr (Peter) Bagration (1765–1812) was a Georgian prince of the royal Bagrationi dynasty who rose to prominence during Napoleonic Wars as a General of the Imperial Russian Army. During the French invasion of Russia, he commanded the left wing at the decisive Battle of Borodino, where he was mortally wounded.

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Battle of Borodino, 7 September 1812 - Attack by the Novgorod Cuirassiers against a French Square, by Aleksandr Yezhov.

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Borodino Class Battleships (1904-05). The Russian flagship Kniaz Suvorov heading into battle at Tsushima, where three-quarters of her class met annihilation. The battleship was built at the Baltic Works in Riga, Latvia for the Imperial Russian Navy as part of a spendthrift buildup of the Russian fleet for the expected conflict with Japan. The Borodino class were badly jobbed Russian copies of the battleship Tsesarevich built for Russia at Brest, 1899-1903.

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Battleship "Orel (Oryol)" (Russian: Орёл) was a Borodino-class battleship built for the Russian Imperial Navy in the first decade of the 20th century. Oryol was badly damaged during the Battle of Tsushima in May 1905 and surrendered to the Japanese who put her into service under the name of Iwami (Japanese: 石見).

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Ilustración de caja de un wargame, por Averyanov. Carga de los Cosacos de la Guardia en Borodino. Más en

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