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Union Major General William Tecumseh Sherman The guy that ended the Civil War by burning Georgia to the ground.


U.S. government did not trust the neutrality of the Miamis & US forces attacked Kekionga during the Northwest Indian War. Each attack was repulsed. St. Clair's Defeat was the worst defeat of an American army by Native Americans in U.S. history. This ended with the Battle of Fallen Timbers and Treaty of Greenville. Those Miami who still resented the United States gathered around Ouiatenon and Prophetstown, where Shawnee Chief Tecumseh led a coalition of Native American nations.


The Battle of Fallen Timbers (August 20, 1794) was the final battle of the Northwest Indian War, a struggle between American Indian tribes affiliated with the Western Confederacy and the United States for control of the Northwest Territory (an area bounded on the south by the Ohio River, on the west by the Mississippi River, and on the northeast by the Great Lakes). The battle, which was a decisive victory for the United States, ended major hostilities in the region

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The 10 Most Haunted Battlefields And Military Forts

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, near Billings, Montana - Marker stone on the "Battlefield of Greasy Grass" commemorating a fallen Cheyenne First Nation soldier.


Confederate prisoner after the battle of Gettysburg (detail, Mathew Brady, July 3, 1863).


Battle of Fallen Timbers (Aug. 20, 1794), monument. In 1794, an army of 2600, led by Gen. Anthony Wayne, defeated 800 Indian warriors. Wayne invaded Indian ancestral lands, to open them to settlement, rid the area of British border forts manned and supplied from Canada, where agents encouraged the Indians to resist, supplying them with arms and supplies. The Miami, Shawnee, Chippewa, Iroquois, Sauk and Fox were soundly beaten, and the 1795 treaty of Greenville secured Ohio and part of…

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The 10 Most Haunted Places in Great Britain

Stones at Culloden marking the site of the burial of various clans. These types of markers are scattered all over the moor. Legend has it, the heather will no longer grow where the graves are located... nor do birds sing over the moor.


General Wayne's Victory at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, c.1794

General Wayne's Victory at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, c.1794 Giclee Print at…


Depression is one falling apart without anyone noticing. #mental health


27 November - 15 December 1950 - Battle of the Changijin (Chosin) Reservoir - The encircled 1st Marine Division and elements of US Army's 7th Infantry Division, with support of Navy and Marine aircraft, fight their way southward from the Chosin Reservoir to the port city of Hungnam.