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Ramesses atop chariot, at the battle of Kadesh. (Relief inside his Abu Simbel temple.) Date 1274 BC[1] Location On the Orontes River near Kadesh Result Both sides claimed victory[2][3] Tactical: Pyrrhic Egyptian victory[citation needed] Operational: Egyptian defeat (campaign ended in Egyptian retreat) Strategic: Hittite victory (Hittite Empire expanded southward, to Upi)[4]

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Ramses II before the battle of Kadesh. The driver is called Menna and one horse victory-in-thebes

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ancientart: Rameses II and chariot at the Battle of Kadesh (1274 BC). Ancient Egyptian relief inside his Abu Simbel temple, Nubia, Southern Egypt.

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Amenhotep II About two years before his death, Thutmose III appointed his 18-year-old son, Amenhotep II (ruled c. 1426–1400 bc), as coregent. Just prior to his father’s death, Amenhotep II set out on a campaign to an area in Syria near Kadesh, whose city-states were now caught up in the power struggle between Egypt and Mitanni; Amenhotep II killed seven princes and shipped their bodies back to Egypt to be suspended from the ramparts of Thebes and Napata.

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’Battle of Kadesh at Abydos.’ The exterior of the northern wall of the Ramses II Temple at Abydos

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