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Lt. Colonel John Thomas Jones 26th NC Infantry, mortally wounded leading a charge at the Battle of the Wilderness on May 5, 1864, and died the same day.


John M. Jones - Civil War Confederate Brigadier General. He was appointed a Colonel in the Army of Northern Virginia in 1862 and participated in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign. In 1863, he was promoted Brigadier General and at the Battle of Gettysburg, he suffered a severe wound to his head that put him out of action. He returned to service in the early days of the Overland Campaign of 1864 and was killed in action at the Battle of Wilderness while attempting to rally his wavering men.


You are looking at an intriguing picture of Fredericksburg, Virginia Wounded from the Battle of the Wilderness. It was taken in 1864 by Gardner, James, b. 1832.


There’s a real battle going on out there in the RV world and it pits some powerful interests against those who resent paying for services they d...


None can narrate that strife in the pines,A seal is on it – Sabaean lore!Obscure as the wood, the entangled rhymeBut hints at the maze of war –Vivid glimpses or livid through peopled gloom, And fires which creep and char –A riddle of death, of which the slainSole solvers are. –Herman Melville, “The Armies of the Wilderness"  Image: Skulls remaining on the field and trees destroyed at the Battle of the Wilderness, 1864, Virginia. Source: Wikipedia.


This picture was taken in 1864, and shows soldiers wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness. It is interesting to see how far battlefield medicine has come in the last 140 years. These men did not even have the comfort of a tent, but had only the shelter of a tree.


Battle of The Wilderness - my great great grandfather, Abraham Winkler, was captured here during the Civil War. He died in captivity right before the end of the war.