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The Battle of Waterloo which ended the twenty-three years' war of the first French Revolution. It was a period of violence, of tumult, of unrestingly destructive energy-a period throughout which the wealth of nations was scattered like sand, and the blood of nations lavished like water. The Battle of Waterloo quelled Napoleon Bonaparte whose genius and ambition had so long disturbed and desolated the world, deserves to be regarded by us as one of the greatest victories.


A battle in Belgium in 1815 in which the British and Prussians defeated the French under Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon abdicated as emperor a few days after this final defeat, and a few weeks later he was captured and sent into exile.


NAP- France: Detail from the Battle of Waterloo, by José-Ferré Clauzel. French infantry attack on Wellington's left flank. It was at this point that the Union Brigade broke up the attack with their headlong charge that ended in disaster at the hands of the French


Jun 18, 1815: Napoleon defeated at Waterloo. "Scotland for ever!" The Charge of the Royal Scots Greys, 2nd Dragoons, as part of the Union Brigade at the Battle of Waterloo.


in so many words...Battle of Waterloo by William Holmes Sullivan - Today is the 197th anniversary of the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo.


Closing the gates at Hougoumont,1815; Robert Gibb. Arguably the most important point on the battlefield of Waterloo, Wellington declared afterwards that "the success of the battle turned upon the closing of the gates at Hougoumont"