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Jeff Sessions has removed himself from Russia inquiry amid calls for resignation

Picture of the eye

Sydney (AFP) Aug 2012 - Australian scientists said Thursday they had successfully implanted a world first bionic eye prototype, describing it as a major breakthrough for the visually impaired.

The BBC Monitoring Service's listening room at Caversham in 1941.

The BBC is celebrating 80 years of international broadcasting. Click through for key moments in BBC World Service history

#BackTheBBC Hey everyone. I don't normally do this type of thing, but I think it needs to be done. If you haven't heard what's going on with the whole British government vs. the BBC problem, then please look it up. Basically, the government wants to change the BBC, which won't necessarily be a good thing for us. I'm American, but the BBC is my life; unbiased news, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and so many other things it would take far too long to explain.


By Dave AndruskoThe BBC (the British Broadcasting Corporation) is pro-abortion from A to Z. So it definitely c

How did Robert Jones spend 23 years in jail for crimes another man had been convicted of?

(( DocArchive: Understanding Ebola - Documentaries (podcast) )) -- How did the disease originate & how was its deadly progress checked? Statistician Hans Rosling & the WHO's Margaret Lamunu discuss their experiences of fighting the disease.

Listen: The Inquiry - BBC World Service   BBC The Inquiry    #news #podcasts #currentaffairs

One pressing question from the news. Four expert witnesses.

Israel says it has withdrawn its troops from Gaza. @MarkRegevPMO explains why. #BBCNewsday

Campaign groups have warned for a long time now that the sleek electronic gadgets which form part of our everyday lives, hide a very dark story.