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If a man expects a woman to be an angel in his life, he must first create heaven for her. | Heartfelt Quotes

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The No. 1 Cause of Divorce You'd Never Think of A coward is a man who strays OUTSIDE of his marriage, who hides to cover it up, who lies to his Wife, his children. Its about as low as low can be. Another form of a COWARD is a verbal bully. YOU sit there and get bullied verbally, have someone get up in your face, tear you down, treat you in HORRIBLE ways, and then you tell me just HOW GOOD that would feel to go through?

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@whiskeywordsandashovel volume two is now available for $9. regular price is $17, deal ends soon | link in bio signed copies available via @720two or | #poetry #quotes

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Oscar Jacobson FW14 If I can look as cool and current as this when I'm older I'll be a happy man If you love my pins feel free to follow them!

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Yes, he cleaned up nicely not because I made him but because he wanted to be a better man for himself, for me, and for his family. I just helped him along the way, I showed him another way to live. He knows I'm worth it and I deserve a good man. So I didn't polish a piece of shit, I shined a diamond in the rough.

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So sad and so true. "Always be careful of what you hear about a woman. Rumors either come from a man that can't have her, or a woman who can't compete."

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It takes a coward to worship a devil dressed up as a god. It takes an idiot to believe in that bullshit. I rather worship the devil

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"Don't take for granted the passions that she has for you. You will lose if you chose to refuse to put her first. She will and she can find a man who knows her worth..." A Woman's Worth

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