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So true... Jokes aside, I'm trying to be a calmer person and regain my hope in people and the world

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I think that I will still be like this in a few years. I literally sit on my computer all day.

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"Putting on skinny jeans be like: *wiggle* *wiggle* *pull* *bunny hop* *squat* *strut like a boss.......forgets to zip*"

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Well, the reason this guy fails the exam won't be the professor's lectures. You're paying for an education--pay attention.

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He be like would you be mad if I did

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I just enjoy that fans put that much thought into it. Like d8sney was probably like, this would be cute and done

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I find this so true and funny. Like an arrow necklace that I drew on one of my character's neck and a friend was like "it signifies where she was being pulled right?" And I was like "yeah sure." But really I didn't know what to put.

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~ Like Mother Like son ~ well.. not really. XD @markiplier and for some reason, i feel like this is like a “draw your squad” meme… even though its not (it could be though lol)

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this is going to be me

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Funniest Memes -

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