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A prominent fashion photographer in the 1940s and 1950s, Nina Leen was one of the first female photographers to work for LIFE magazine. She grew up in Europe (Russian born) and her first camera was a Rolleiflex which she used to primarily photograph animals. Nina Leen is mostly known for her animal photography, but in the fashion world, she is well known for her classic and timeless fashion photography.

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Aquarius Element: Air The astrological element of Air signifies movement. Air Signs are thinkers, and since you belong to it, you are prone to give more importance to intellect than to action. Since you have a good command over language, you are good at communications. Your manner may be light and breezy but your words can carry a lot of power.

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Could the model stand in a very large tray of water for the studio shoot? would that be too risky?

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