Beach style futon mattresses

"This type of "mattress" cushion is not something just any upholsterer or seamstress can do! It requires certain materials and strong hands to do it this, the old-fashioned, way, and we do it at Neal & Co."

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I made this from Bessa Blocks. The wooden slats were from a pallet I got for free and the cushions are made from a futon mattress i picked up from the tip. My mum made the covers of the cushions. Everyone who comes over to visit, loves to sit here. The Blocks were second hand and cost $50, and the material was $50 I think. So all up, an awesome bed for $100. It wasn't free, but would have cost a lot more if I didn't recycle a little.

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That would be fun to build, simple slats over frame like a platform bed with curves, add a purchased futon.

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Our Beach Baby. - Do It Yourself: Baby Futon Mattress! Sew your own cotton mattress to replace toxic foam, polyurethane, PVC, vinyl, etc.

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