Sunset in Ibiza, Spain. Don't miss the night time skies of Ibiza, they are beautifully breathtaking. Find out more about Ibiza at
Within the universe, there is a life giving and creative energy. This energy permeates all of the worlds, dimensions and creations. Some people call this energy the life force, the logos, the holy spirit, god, or the source.  --Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, Contributor Waking Times
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H.H. Hola, Oro Por Tí, Para Que Puedas Ser Una Persona De Bendición A Los Que Te Rodean.
Love these Silhouette Shots #beach #sunset
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"HELP. WHERE DO I GO GRANDMOTHER?" A coyote nudged her heel and vanished as she turned toward the ocean.
Bora Bora Sunset. I would like to enjoy the beauty of this seemingly enchanting area of land mass                                                                                                                                                     More
Amazing Sunset
Sunset at Ke'e Beach, Kaua'i. --- photo by Heather Mitchell.
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Gorgeous Costa Rica Subsets
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