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Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

Guess we won't be staying on the ship the next time we dock in the Bahamas!! Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas


5 Warm Weather Vacations Perfect For Escaping The Cold

Bermuda - If winter has got you down, then perhaps a bright pink sand beach is just the thing you need to cheer you up. Go with the pink theme and lounge around the Princess Bermuda hotel, whose pink exterior is as iconic as the pink beaches themselves.


Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas. "Harbour Island is just 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, but this tiny slice of the Bahamas has one of the Caribbean’s prettiest beaches: three miles of pink sand that stretches along the island’s east coast. The red shells of foraminifera—single-celled marine animals—mix with the island’s white sand, thus creating the soft rosy hue."


photographer niaz uddin captured this colorful aerial image of california's Laguna beach, contrasting the azure blue of the ocean with the coastal town's orange-pink sands. photo by neohumanity


Warum in die Ferne schweifen? Die 10 schönsten Strände Deutschlands

Pink Sand Beach, Isla Harbour, Bahamas. Gut, pink sind die deutschen Strände nicht, aber sie haben tollen weißen Sand! Und näher sind sie allemal:


Uncovered: Miami's Sexiest Hidden Beaches

We know, you’re so over hitting up the same beach, with the same view, surrounded by the same rowdy crowd. Like most Miami-dwellers, we'll never tire of our world-renowned waters, but we're always on the hunt for a hidden gem (where finding parking isn't akin to hunting for the Holy Grail). Miami


The World’s Most Colorful Beaches

With sands ranging from jet black to pastel pink, see 12 of the most stunning shorelines on earth.