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The Nandi Bear, also known as Ngoloko, is a cryptid, or unconfirmed animal, reported to live in Africa. It takes its name from the Nandi people who live in western Kenya, near where the Nandi Bear is reported as living.

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Of course the gov't is blaming the Russians, they want you to forget about what theydid

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William Stout — White Bear King Valemon — after Theodor Kittelsen's Kvitebjørn Kong Valemon, 1912

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A Kermode Bear (or sometimes called Spirit Bear). They can only be found in a small area in Northwest BC.

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Standing Bear~Ponca Native American chief who successfully argued in U.S. District Court in 1879 in Omaha that Native Americans are "persons within the meaning of the law" and have the right of habeas corpus. ~Wiki.

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the spirit of the bear "In Finnish mythology Otso, Ohto, Kontio, metsän kuningas (the king of the forest), and mesikämmen (honeypaws) are some of the many rarely uttered circumlocutory epithets for the spirit that was never directly named. Generally, the spirit of the bear was referred to as friend, brother,uncle, or forestcousin, or ways were thought up that would bypass the need to refer to the spirit at all, even indirectly."

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