Exactly how to wear a turtleneck sweater this fall - click for 15 street style outfits we love

15 Ways a Classic Turtleneck Sweater Can Up Your Style Game

Beatnik style will always influence our wardrobe

The Beatnik scene of the & was a cool and stylish era that continued to influence our wardrobe with iconic pieces.

skinny jeans, blue striped top, black cardigan and headband

Brigitte Bardot is one of my favorite style icons of all time. And not just because she's French, which makes one automatically sexier, but because of her fabulous hair and beach-chic apparel. Although Bardot has done quite a lot with animal.

i'd never wear this. but damn this look is nerd/beatnik & bold as hell. houndstooth print & high-waist pants.

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Vikki Dougan photographed by Earl Leaf, 1956.

Vikki Dougan photographed by Earl Leaf, Vikki Dougan (born is a model and actress. She is most famous for appearing at social events in a series of daring low-cut backless dressesthroughout the

Pedal pushers were a staple style line in the 1950s. This style was worn by celebrities and average fashion followers alike and were in both high price lines and low price lines. There are definitely still modern versions of pedal pushers available today. 4/2

Business casual work outfit: black cardigan, striped top, red skinnies or capris.