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Cole Sprouse Went Darker For New "Archie" TV Pilot -

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oh... oh my God... good Lord.... ok... breath Sofia... Just breath.... #Dylanobrien #Hesmine #ohlookitsmyhusband

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A fitted sweater can be very flattering on a guy, and look put together but still relaxed.

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Platinum-Haired Punk Photography

Leon Blackhart - Lucky Blue Smith. Deus. Son of Zacariah and Kari. Accidentally impregnated Juniper. Good person despite his species. Fond of his half sister and brother; Daka and Milo.

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EHEHug on

How do you go from being the derpiest derp to being the most sexual man that's ever lived

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He had the most beautiful eyes. They were a mesmerizing shade of blue. When you looked into them it was as if you were being transported to another world. The strange thing was, he was blind. (Westly?)

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