Beautiful stray cat, lives by the harbour in Turkey. My daughter always feeds the cats when she goes on holiday, it breaks her heart to leave them, she would bring them all back if she could!

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Katzen lieben Menschen viel mehr als sie zugeben wollen, aber sie besitzen soviel Weisheit, dass sie es für sich behalten.

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fuzzybumblrbee: “ (via Tuesday’s Best: Meet The Glorious Guardian Of The Nordic Forests! | ViralSpell) ”

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The most beautiful cat. •••••(KO) Looks so much like my precious Calvin who we lost a few years back to old age and illness. My life is much emptier since he's gone. We have other cats now that we love dearly, but still miss my Calvin Cat, the love of my life. Miss you Boo Boo!

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Name: Atomic (As in the bomb) // Gender: Female //Team: Team Vanquish//Sexuality: Straight//Skill: 7 //No mate or kits//Crush:Spear// Siblings: none// (Played by me)

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White Maine Coon. Wauw. Love it! Please pin! And share this beautifull cat with the world!

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