Chinese Royal Consort's costumes and make-up during Tang Dynasty from Chinese drama " the Empress of China"

Ancient Chinese fashion and costumes seen in period drama and films. 武则天 "The Empress of China" - 2015 Chinese TV drama, starring Fan Bing Bing & Aariff Lee.

Fan Bingbing by Chen Man. Madame FIGARO, May 2012 ❁❁❁Thanks, Pinterest Pinners, for stopping by, viewing, re-pinning,  following my boards.  Have a beautiful day! ❁❁❁ ****✮✮“Feel free to share on Pinterest"✮✮“ #fashion  #women

Fan BingBing, impériale idole

Fan Bing Bing for Madame-Figaro China 2012 This editorial interests me the most and may very well become the basis of the next part of my project. Fan Bing Bing a well renowned actor and model in China, portraying a "traditional" Chinese woman.

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นิยาย ลิขิตรักสะท้านบัลลังก์ - 天作之合 : - Writer

นิยาย ลิขิตรักสะท้านบัลลังก์ - 天作之合 : - Writer

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Top 30 Most Beautiful Chinese Women

OLD SHANGHAI | A beautiful Chinese woman in the 1920s

May Wong, Chinese flapper of the Oriental films. April 1930 Not to be confused with Chinese American flapper Anna May Wong

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Just super on point overall: the blue and red shouldn't work but totally do.

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Chinese dress - Hanfu jaglady, ultimate guide to the hottest fashion style inspiration from around the world.