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Having dreadlocks can actually exclude you from certain trials! Occasionally, we need to do an EEG test as part of a trial, which requires you to wear a tight-fitting cap which monitors brain activity. The cap can't go over dreads!

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I love that her dreads are just on the underneath.. I started out with my dreads like this & then dreaded more until it was almost my whole head except the very top, now I am getting closer to this look again.. I like that it is just easier for me to maintain, and blow dry :) .. love your dreads, and treat them well <3

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Dreadlock Feather Plum with Flower extension dread bead dread coil feather extension silver flower charm wrap accessory purple burgundy

*GASP!* dreadlock feather accessory! It's the little things that get me excited to have my whole head dreaded :D

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