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this snake is the EXACT same color as "Daiquiri Ice" ice cream from Baskin Robbins-creepy

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Number: 2 I hate snakes! They are very slimy, squirmy and overall disgusting. One time at my cottage in grand Bend I was walking with my family for a walk and I ran up ahead because I wanted to race my sister back to my cottage and I stepped on a snake! it scared me so much, I screamed so loud!

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Phantom Potion Ball Python. This should be in my wishlist too. Purple, white striped, high end morph, Python Regius, snake, exotic animal, reptile

The beautiful and poisonous Regal Ring-necked snake. Harrison Koch: It should be noted that it's venom is hardly potent on humans. They are rear-fanged and small snakes that would have a hard time harming even the weakest of people.