Bumble Bee Suit-Newborn to 11 yrs (Bug Suit)-OMG what a cute pattern!- AND it's a FREE Ravelry Download from Boomer Beanies This would make a great Halloween Costume!

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I'm a Keeper shirt ///// Apiary Supplies - Beekeeping Supplies - Honey Supplies found at Apiary Supply | www.apiarysupply.com

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WHAT KIND OF BEE SUIT SHOULD I BUY? :http://beekeepinglikeagirl.com/what-kind-of-bee-suit-should-i-buy/

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4 Things I’ve Learned About Bee Suits

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Advice from a Beekeeper: How to Not Get Stung Keeping honeybees is a lot of fun if you don't get stung. So how do you reduce your risk? For starters, follow the advice of beekeeper Julia Miller. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

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Beekeeping Basics: Show Me the Honey - This is it, the moment you have been working toward all year long. Mites, bears, stings, sticky hands, and hours of sweating in your bee suit--all of these challenges will seem trivial as you grasp the handle of the extractor, give it a good spin and watch your first batch of honey begin to flow from the spout. How sweet it is indeed.

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Many new beekeepers learn things the hard way. As a beekeeping instructor, it’s my job to keep my students from meeting this all too common fate! Read on to find out the mistakes I see most o…

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