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Beef medium rare

A great guide to cooking steak. Please visit the website for more handy charts and top tips where you can download them all in full size if you wish to.

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How to Cook the Perfect Sirloin Roast Beef

<3 <3 <3 Excellent basic recipe for roast sirloin. It cooked about 1 hour, 45 minutes in total I think .

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Perfect Med-Rare Roast Beef - crusty outside & ends, inside tender & thinly sliced 4-6 lbs sirloin tip or rump roast room temp Lightly rub w/ oil/seasoning rub garlic salt & pepper Preheat 500 roast uncovered @ 7 mins per lbs Turn off heat & roast 2 hrs Do NOT open oven door Do NOT peek Frozen beef 1st brush w/ oil/seasoning 500 oven for 1 1/2 times room temp time, abt 11 mins per lbs Turn off heat & let roast 2 hrs w/ oven closed Do NOT open oven

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Slow-Roasted Beef Tenderloin

Whole-roasted beef tenderloin is a once-a-year celebratory dish that can be fantastic if done properly. The problem is, its extra-lean meat dries out and overcooks very easily. Our slow-roasting reverse-sear method ensures perfectly medium-rare meat from edge to center with a nicely browned, flavorful crust.

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Here's the a list of the proper temperatures for making sure your meats are cooked properly: Beef, veal, lamb, duck, burgers, dausage, chicken, turkey, fish, pork, ham, and eggs.

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How To Cook Roast Beef

Danny: “She cleaned hotel rooms just to make ends meet.” Mindy: “ What is ends meat anyway? People are always talking about it. Is that like the last fatty part of the rump roast? It sounds delicious, I’d love to try it.” #themindyproject TUE 9:30/8:30c | FOX

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How to Cook a Tender Eye Round Roast

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My Go To Easy Beef Tenderloin Recipe

My go to beef tenderloin recipe - it's so easy and the recipe is fool proof! I also share the best horseradish sauce recipe that takes only two ingredients.

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How To Grill A Perfect Steak Every Time With These 4 Easy Steps

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