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Behavior Punch Card: kids could get a punch for every day they are still on green behavior and then turn the card in for a prize when filled?

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Behavior Punch Cards

Are you looking for a fun, hands-on way to encourage your students to consistently make good choices? So was I and then I started implementing these behavior punch cards and suddenly my students were working VERY hard to earn their daily punch.

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STANDARD 8: Democracy, Educational Governance and Careers in Teaching 8.2 Model, and develop on the part of the students, positive behavior and respect for the rights of others, and those moral standards necessary for personal, family and community well-being. Positive Behavior Punch Cards (TPT)

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This is a behavior punch card that is used to reward positive behavior in the classroom. This again stresses the importance of positive behavior in the classroom and also hints on the rewards as well. If you get all 20 squares punched in for good behavior then you get a free homework pass or lunch with the teacher:)

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