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Behavior Think Sheet. I used something similar to this with some of my students who needed time away from the situation to settle down before discussing the problem with me.

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Exploring Causes and Effects of Behavior

Best classroom management tool ever! This Behavior Reflections freebie is a great way to handle student misbehavior. Having kids fill out this graphic organizer helps them understand why they engage in disruptive behaviors as well as the consequences of t

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Behavior Reflection & Apology Letter

Students will make bad choices sometime however, having a chance to reflect and think about their actions and behaviors will allow them to learn from their

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behavior reflection sheet: students need to be involved in conflict resolution so that they will be able to manage their OWN behaviour later on. We cannot keep making disciplinary decisions for students without involving them in the process. Conflict Resolutions Skills are skills they need to learn.

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I Can Handle Making Mistakes Behavioral Toolkit with Social Stories

If you have a student (or 3) who has behavior problems when something is not perfect of he makes a mistake, this toolkit can help you. It includes 6 social stories as well as tools like contingency maps and big problem/ small problem to teach perspective and ways of appropriately handling making a mistake. Click the pin and check the preview for more details!

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