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I used to feel guilty about my own madness. I used to be terrified of being labeled as crazy. Maybe because what I feared what not being crazy but I feared all the greatness my mind knew it could reach. Sanity is bullshit. Crazy is bullshit. Free your mind and accept whatever it leads you to. Don't fear the dark. That is not who you are, just something you must pass by. The brightest of days were only found so after the darkest of nights.


Only once could I say for certain I completely hopelessly have been in love. Only once and I've never stopped loving you. Every single day my heart will never ever be whole with you in my life.


She can be wild and crazy, smart and funny and not fret about being judged. She is her own person, and is just beginning to let that part of her shine. That part of her that was beaten into submission by all those who have hurt her


Live to the beat of your own drum. Whether you choose to call yourself lovely, weird, noble, unique, wild, brave, crazy, humble....or a little of all...embrace and truly love your being...your character. Self worth is awesome. <3 See the beauty in everything, even when some folks think your crazy or when some folks just don't get it...what's important is that you get it. :)