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So precise and correct, the rules for being human are my personal lesson. More like the general rules, the guide for being human shows where should one person focus his presence in this world, since he receives a body (see #1). So, below you’ll find an Ancient Sanskrit describing 9 rules for being human. If you ask me #8 holds enormous power! 1. YOU WILL RECEIVE A BODY. You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire period this time around. 2. YOU WILL LEARN…

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10 Truths You May Have Forgotten In Your Hard Times

Girrrrrrrrrrl, you got this (: enjoy these happy times. Bad times always come and go. Always appreciate the wonderful people sticking by your side. They will be there when storms come your way ❤


As a child I never imagined that all of the real monsters in the world would be humans. -


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Calvin and Hobbes QUOTE OF THE DAY (DA): "You know, there are times when it's a source of personal pride to not be human." -- Hobbes/Bill Watterson