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53 Random Pictures for Today

53 Random Pictures for Today Dummies of the Year - You can have a pretty face and an ugly heart

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im ugly af... And i really wish i could change that... Ever time its my birthday when i make my is to be beautiful...:( -chy

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I feel this way often... But just continue to be you, every thing is temporary. Be confident in who you are on the inside and show that inner confidence outward, we were all made by Jehovah and he finds you beautiful. You're one of his master pieces (:

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goodbye I am done with life I don't wanna be here why cant I just be dead already you will probably call me a imacture attention seeker that's why I am leaving pinterest Goodbye xxx Grace

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19 Things All Former "Ugly Friends" Know To Be True

Because everyone got attention except you. | 19 Things All Former "Ugly Friends' Know To Be True

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How I see myself, you may be wondering? I'm worthless, fat, ugly, and just a complete inconvenience to everyone I know

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