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Loyalty Means I Am Down With You Whether You Are Wrong Or Right - Being Unappreciated Quote


Tired of being stepped on, tired of being unappreciated and so f*cking tired of being disrespected by everyone.

Been dealing with extreme amount of negativity and - Been dealing with extreme amount of negativity and jealousy in my workplace. Getting up to go to work is a challenge because I feel so worthless and unappreciated. Please pray for protection from all trying to do harm to me. Coworkers at work just are about themselves lying to get ahead. I am overwhelmed. Im trying to serve the people because I love customer service. But Im truly miserable please Lord remove all negativity and evil people…

Bulgarian version Long ago I came across this excellent analysis of what must be one of the most unappreciated and misunderstood mo...

Ahhh, the solid legging, so unappreciated in the world of LuLaRoe, but I for one think they are a necessity for any gals closet! This simple outfit can literally be worn to the office or just out and about. Just a white Perfect T and solid Pine colored TC Leggings, but add on a black linen blazer, UGG black equestrian boots & boot socks, Some glimmer Stella & dot jewelry, and a've taken two simple LuLaRoe pieces and made them into a classic look and ole gal can rock!

one of those days where I've had beyond enough. Fed up of being unappreciated. Picture Quotes.


She worked too hard to be who she is to give it away unappreciated.


Some people simply don't understand this...until it is far too late. Being unappreciated is incredibly hurtful - even more so if you're a giver by nature. Eventually, you get tired of the BS and dust them off your shoes. ~<3~ Shayne


I love being unappreciated, disrespected & everyone's doormat ... Said no mother ever


I can't decide if I feel like I'm not good enough or unappreciated. And that is a very weird place to be.