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Work Your 6-Pack and Fight the Lower Belly Pooch With 1 Move

The Atkins diet has been around for quite a while. It was first introduced in the late and has been popular ever since. If anything, its popularity has increased over the last few years because of the current interest in low-fat diets. That's because...


Work Your 6-Pack and Fight the Lower Belly Pooch With 1 Move

We are so over crunches! So work your abs with these belly-flattening alternatives. This five-minute workout is loaded with seriously effective moves, including a killer plank circuit. You can do this workout on its own or after a cardio session. We love

POP Pilates Belly Pooch Workout There's a whole series of these on youtube that I highly recommend for quick, intense pilate workouts.


Banish Your Belly Pooch With 3 Ab-Sculpting Moves

Crop top and bikini season is nearly upon us! You can't spot reduce belly fat, but strengthening and sculpting the muscles underneath will only help you feel more confident in your skimpy styles. Add these three effective moves to your strength-training


10 Fitness Tips For Women

Trying to lose weight or have you recently lost weight? Great job! Next question. How do you plan to keep that weight off? So many of us bust our butts, literally, to lose weight but as soon as we hit that designated number on the scale, we lose our focus and go back to old habits.