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from NY Daily News

Ben Affleck: ‘Gigli’ year was the J.Lo point of my life

Never thought Ben Affleck was hot when he was young... Now is a different story! Just proves my theory that men get better looking as they get older!!


Last year news broke that Ben Affleck and DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns were working on a Batman script together. Then Affleck confirmed it. So whats the collaboration process like on a big script like this? Kevin Smith spent a lot of time with Geoff Johns recently for the Dawn of the Justice League special they hosted and revealed what Johns told him about the script. Hes been working on a solo script with Geoff Johns as well. Last conversation I had with Geoff Johns I was like are you working…

from Cosmopolitan

10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Nerd

| Matt Damon | Good Will Hunting | He reminds me of your Jared Padalecki in this picture

from Us Weekly

Matt Damon: "It Was Painful" to Be Ben Affleck's Friend During J.Lo Era

Matt Damon defended his longtime best friend, Ben Affleck, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Damon called Affleck "misunderstood" and said that it was "painful" to be his friend when he was dating Jennifer Lopez.

from GQ

Flipping the Bird: A GQ History of Our Country's Proud Heritage

Ben Affleck in what may be his best performance to date. Look at the emotion - definitely an Oscar worthy performance.

from Variety

Ben Affleck’s ‘Live by Night’ Gets Greenlight, November Start Date (EXCLUSIVE)

Warner Bros. has greenlit Ben Affleck's next directing gig, "Live By Night," with plans to begin production this November.

from ELLE

Nostalgia: The Hottest Couples of the '90s

Winona Ryder & Matt Damon: Yes, expect to see a few of the same faces in this roundup, since—haven't you heard?—people in the entertainment industry really like to date each other. And to make the Hollywood world even smaller and weirder, you should know that Gwyneth Paltrow introduced the pair, since she was dating Ben Affleck at the time and he and Matt Damon have been buds for years. (Then Paltrow and Ryder had a falling out, but that's a different story). Anyway, after their meet-cute in…


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