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Bengal Cats and Kittens: Complete Owner's Guide to Bengal Cat and Kitten Care: Personality, temperament, breeding, training, health, diet, life expectancy, buying, cost, and more facts

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I want this charcoal bengal so bad... love the white face mask. I don't even want to know how much this guy costs lol... Probably in the $2000 range...

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If I get any cat, which I probably won't. I would love a bengal cat.... second place siamese.

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Top Unusual Cat Breeds On Earth.

Unusual Cat Breeds or different kinds of cats. There so many different adjectives are used for describing these creatures, but some cats…

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Bengal kittens! Next time I get a cat I'm going to spend the $$ cause they are SO cool looking

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Savannah Cat...this breed is huge, has the temperament of a dog, and has gorgeous markings. Too bad they are over 2k! Lovely cats. <3

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Esses gatos de estimação custam mais do que você imagina!

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Toygers - Domestic Tiger Cats are a Unique Exotic Breed of Pet

Like the domestic Bengal Cat, the Toyger is highly trainable, loyal, loves water and can be somewhat dog-like. It can be a "talkative" cat. An excellent pet, they get along well with other animals and children. Toygers also can be trained to walk on leashes and do other "tricks."

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