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Benghazi Wiki

One of the saddest days of my life. Click on for Have You Forgotten by Darryl Worley.


Abandoned by Hillary. Tortured to death while Obama Armed Forces allowed to rescue. Leave no men behind unless Obama is your Commander in Chief. Hillary is NOT FIT TO LEAD this beautiful land!!!

Of course the gov't is blaming the Russians, they want you to forget about what theydid


Republican Hypocrisy. General David Petraeus who headed the Central Intelligence Agency until it was discovered he passed on Top Secret state information to his mistress details which, drove him to resign - Republican Congress gives him a slap on the wrist of 2 years probation, zero jail time. Meanwhile, Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years' imprisonment for revealing war crimes.


Although Hillary Clinton has repeatedly denied that she sold weapons to the Islamic Stats while serving as Secretary of State, Wikileaks… AUG 6 2016


National Security Agency - "E.T. says: (Earthlings? The NSA was not setup by your U.S. President Obama. It was Harry S. Truman. But why is Alex bullshitter Jones, alternative media world & the conspiracy theorist in an uproar about the NSA? Ahhhhh yesssssss. The nigger in the White House. Now the NSA & Benghazi incidents to hit your U.S. President over the head with. =/)"