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Benjamin Moore Paints; Ebony King/2132-20. Turner Street Residence; Library, first floor. Renovation and remodel.


Loved this idea of watching/listening to conference from tents and talking about King Benjamin. Should have done it when the kids were small.


The perfect summer time FHE! Build a tent just like King Benjamin's people, enjoy s'mores and review some great gospel principles!!


CASTLES OF SPAIN - La Guardia de Jaén was founded 1500 years BC as the Iberian fortified settlement . After the Roman conquest, the town became the oppidum of Mentesa Bastetanorum. After the Moorish conquest, the town, renamed Mantissa, 7th century. The fortress, located on a strongly defended height, was deemed impregnable. Seized in 1244 by King Ferdinand III the Saint, the fortress was several times reconquered by the Moors, until the fall of Granada in 1492.