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Bahma and Bermuda Shutters For Your Home

Bahama Shutters, Bermuda Shutters: -- Bahama Shutters & Bermuda Shutters -- by Architectural Depot - Call us today at: 888-573-3768


I like these Bermuda shutters. Typically used for sun screening and moderate storm protection, one shutter panel will usually cover the entire window. It is hinged from the top and installed with a custom fit support arm to keep the shutter in an open position - perfect for capturing ocean breezes during long afternoon siestas. Bermuda shutters are available in any louver size, with the option of small or large tilt-rods.


Adjustable Bahama Shutter Stay Set. Bahama Shutter Hardware. by Lynn Cove Foundry & Forge. $99.95. This pair of lightweight and sturdy stays is adjustable from 22" to 34" length. This set can be used for small to large Bahama or Bermuda shutters and is made out of aluminum to avoid rust. This set comes with brass pins for attaching the rod to the brackets when the shutter is held open. When the shutter is to be closed during a storm the rods can be removed and the ...