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Top 29 Anime Couples That Make Us All A Little Jealous

Ryuuji and Taiga - Toradora - No denying they are one of the all time best anime couples ever.

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Anime Hug: Ouran High School Host Club - Haruhi and Tamaki Hug Top Best Anime Hugs of All Time we Picked some great Anime Couple hugging scenes, Anime Friendship Hugging are here too, but undoubtedly the most amazing hugs in Anime are those Pretty Hugs from behind. so let's say that you will learn How to Hug Romantically!! #anime #hugs #romance #japan

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Gajeel and Spider Levy is getting it on ! <3 <3

Sword Art Online. I've just started this anime and I'm totally in love with this anime.

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Winry Rockbell and Edward Elric, Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang, Lan Fan and Ling Yao, and Alphonse Elric and May Chang _Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

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Me and Corbin are the best of friends! I can't think of a better friend than him! He has been there for me when I needed him. And even though we are from two TOTALLY different worlds, we could not be more close!

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Soul Eater: Not bad, LOVE the animation style. good story line. << Jeez, 'cause this anime is, like, how many years old?

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Vampire Knight | Kaname and Yuki | pureblood vampire royalty - vampire-knight-yuki-kaname Fan Art

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NALU, GRUVIA, GALE, JERZA, MIRAXUS, ELFGREEN, BIXANNA, ROWEN, LORIES, LYREDY and CAPPY :D <3<3<3 Then it should be ROKA (Rogue X Kagura) and STINGYU (Sting X Yukino) <3 I don't really ship is, LoLu, GrayLu, and NaLi >___<

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Naruto Quotes - 10 -- Minato

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