This is a good, sweet brisket rub that you will need only one measuring cup for. Of course, you can adjust the heat by using mild or hot chili powder.

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Beef Brisket Rub 1/4-Cup Brown Sugar 1/4-Cup Salt 2-Tbsp Thai Chili Powder 1-Tbsp Garlic Powder 2-Tbsp Black Pepper 2-Tbsp Dried Mustard 1-Tbsp Cumin 2-Tbsp Paprika (From The Smoker King) I usually mix and store all ingredients in an empty seasoning container. Tips: This recipe EXCELLENT on brisket. Rub down the brisket with a light coat of mustard first, then apply the rub. For best results, wrap and refrigerate the brisket for at least 12 hours before cooking.

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These are the 10 best brisket rub recipes I have and are certain to help you make the best barbecue brisket possible.

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This is a good, sweet rub that you will produce a good, flavorful barbecued brisket. This rub can be used on oven baked briskets as well.

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The Best Brisket Rub & Mop Sauce | Lumsden Family Recipes

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A simple combination of ingredients from this classic steakhouse that will bring out the best flavor in your next chicken or steak!

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